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The Political and Bureaucratic Rot at the Heart of Ontario’s COVID Crisis

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed within collapsing societal and ideological frameworks where lived experience doesn’t line up with the dominant socio/cultural framework. By that, I mean how we talk and think about ourselves as a society contradicts what we experience living in that society. It was something that I experienced years ago when my grandmother

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Ripple and the Pax Americana: Regulations, Digital Assets, and Global Affairs

In a recent article featured in The Hill, Chris Larsen, co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple, suggested that the lack of clear regulatory clarity on cryptocurrencies and digital assets has put the United States in the position where it may lose its place as the global reserve currency once China tokenizes the Yuan. At the

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XRP Censorship Resistance and State-Sponsored Attacks

During a talk on the BlockWorks Group YouTube channel, one of the more interesting topics of conversation between David Schwartz and Charlie Shrem were attack scenarios on both the XRP Ledger and Bitcoin. As XRP community members, we are frequently exposed to many of the detractions and limitations of the Bitcoin mining process, but we

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Ripple and the Benevolent Machine Dictatorship

Several months ago, Ripple posted an interview with Scott Chamberlain, an entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University College of Law. With funding through Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), ANU launched two new courses exploring legal issues with the application of blockchain technology like smart contracts and the integration of artificial intelligence into a

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COVID-19: The Death Knell of Globalism?

From Brexit to Donald Trump and the explosion of isolationist populism around the world, the globalist framework has suffered blow after blow as liberal governments repeatedly fell to their more nationalistic and inwardly focused counterparts. These small cracks in the framework have become fissures as Covid-19 ravages the world. As more begin to fall ill

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