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The Political and Bureaucratic Rot at the Heart of Ontario’s COVID Crisis

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed within collapsing societal and ideological frameworks where lived experience doesn’t line up with the dominant socio/cultural framework. By that, I mean how we talk and think about ourselves as a society contradicts what we experience living in that society. It was something that I experienced years ago when my grandmother

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Disposable Humanity: Industry and Immigration

There exists a duality in the attitudes of some of the families of refugees in Canada that cuts between gratitude and uneasiness. I call it uneasiness because I’m not sure how else to describe it. The gratitude comes from a host country granting a refugee sanctuary during a time when their lives are in peril.

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Disposable Humanity: The Sharing Economy

I’ve recently been reminded of something my grandmother used to do. Keep in mind she was from a much harder time than now. She lived through the Great Depression and the Second World War. She was taken to Nazi slave labour camp when fourteen and once liberated, narrowly escaped communist death squads. She remembered real

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