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Ripple’s Gaming Juggernaut

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Ripple’s blockchain investment wing has funded some promising projects over the years, but the one that I’m most excited about is Forte. Forte is a blockchain-based gaming marketplace that allows developers to integrate decentralized marketplace features into their emergent gameplay experiences. Back in 2020, Forte announced a partnership with the Will Wright chaired Gallium Studios.

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The SEC’s Ripple Lawsuit Reeks of Regulatory Capture

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When I was a student at university, my International Relations professor told us a story about corruption in the Soviet Union. When he was young, he visited the Soviet Republic and wound up getting arrested and spending time in a Soviet holding cell. One of the guards demanded a bribe and promised they’d be released

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XRP Could Steal Music NFTs from Rival Blockchains

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NFTs present a viable alternative to the ill-fated XRP powered music marketplace, xSongs. Music NFT minting and trading will occur on federated side chains and plug into the XRP Ledger using hooks. Ripple’s NFT vision underlines the necessity of functional and integrated NFT viewing and custody. Artwork would be playable and viewable within wallets from

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XRP Expands Into $300 Billion Gaming Industry

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Private permissioned sidechains on the XRP Ledger are two months away. Federated sidechains are 6-9 months away. Gaming worlds may eventually plug into the XRP ecosystem using hooks and federated sidechains. Games are already implementing basic blockchain features into their digital worlds. Fully-fledged market economies are soon to follow. The Forte blockchain is a Ripple

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Aspen Security Forum: Record Breaking Year for Ripple Despite SEC Lawsuit

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During a virtual panel with the Aspen Security Forum, Brad Garlinghouse stated that despite the SEC lawsuit, 2021 had been a record-breaking year for Ripple, except in the United States, where they only managed a single partnership. The lack of regulatory clarity is causing American financial structures to fall far behind their international counterparts in

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Autonomous Legal Applications Could be Coming to the XRPL

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Back in 2020, I covered an interview with Scott Chamberlain, an entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University College of Law (ANU). With funding from Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), ANU launched two courses exploring legal issues with the application of blockchain technology such as smart contracts and the integration of artificial intelligence into

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A Practical Guide to Cryptocurrency Security

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Cryptocurrency Security is a daunting topic for crypto holders, but it is an important facet of keeping funds safe from the nefarious characters who prowl cryptocurrency communities. This post is a general guide on cryptocurrency safety for both users of custodial exchanges and non-custodial crypto wallets. General Account Security Be paranoid, particularly with your primary

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The Coming Regulatory Storm

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I remember when news of the SEC action against Ripple hit the internet – the gleeful sputtering of people like Anthony Pompliano and Vitalik Buterin were tweeted and retweeted as the price of XRP unraveled before our eyes. Charles Hoskinson published a YouTube video shortly after, chastising the rest of the Cryptocurrency community, suggesting that

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