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XRP Ledger Smart Contract Network Enters Public Open Beta

Evernode is a layer-2 smart contract network proposed by Scott Chamberlain and Richard Holland. Chamberlain is an entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University College of Law (ANU), a recipient of a grant by Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative. Using the funding from Ripple, ANU launched courses exploring legal issues with the application of smart

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Popular XRP Wallet Set to Offer Integrated Fiat On and Off-ramps

XUMM seems set to launch integrated fiat on and off-ramps. XUMM is a non-custodial XRP wallet. It also features native access to tokens and web apps called xApps. The pro version has an optional KYC process native to the XUMM app. XUMM’s support documentation indicated that this KYC process was for a yet-to-be-implemented fiat on/off-ramp.

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Ripple Hints at Ethereum Virtual Machine Powered Sidechains

RippleX software engineer Mayukha Vadari hinted that Ripple was working on Ethereum Virtual Machine powered sidechains during a recent Ripple Drop episode: “We’re also working on EVM-based sidechains that will allow people to basically use solidity smart contracts but still within the XRP ledger ecosystem.” “We’re working on adding support for sidechains to the XRP

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MoneyGram Files Motion to Seal Portions of a Deposition Transcript in Ripple-SEC Lawsuit

brown wooden gavel on brown wooden table

Popular payment provider MoneyGram filed an unopposed motion to seal a few lines from a deposition transcript of a MoneyGram Officer filed during the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit. The payment giant argues that the deposition contains highly confidential business information and, as such, the court should move to protect the privacy interests of innocent third

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Buyer Beware: NFT Gaming Projects Flock to the XRPL

woman using virtual reality goggles

VerseX is an XRPL-powered Metaverse shopping, social, and gaming platform. It features a virtual-reality mall and integrated play-to-earn activities. The platform has two main tokens. $XVR is the platform’s native currency and governance token. And $XMEN (which definitely won’t ruffle feathers at Marvel) is the platform’s early investor token. Despite my repeated insistence on Twitter,

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Minecraft Developers Boot NFT Projects, Including XRPL Powered ZerpCraft

ZerpCraft is an XRPL-powered gaming project and RippleX development grantee, which allows Minecraft server administrators the ability to mint property NFTs and monetize land in their game worlds.   “After the launch of XLS-20, the ZerpCraft plugin will be made open source allowing any Minecraft server administrator the ability to mint ZerpCraft NFTs and monetize their

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Ripple’s Gaming Juggernaut

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Ripple’s blockchain investment wing has funded some promising projects over the years, but the one that I’m most excited about is Forte. Forte is a blockchain-based gaming marketplace that allows developers to integrate decentralized marketplace features into their emergent gameplay experiences. Back in 2020, Forte announced a partnership with the Will Wright chaired Gallium Studios.

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The SEC’s Ripple Lawsuit Reeks of Regulatory Capture

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When I was a student at university, my International Relations professor told us a story about corruption in the Soviet Union. When he was young, he visited the Soviet Republic and wound up getting arrested and spending time in a Soviet holding cell. One of the guards demanded a bribe and promised they’d be released

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XRP Could Steal Music NFTs from Rival Blockchains

people in concert

NFTs present a viable alternative to the ill-fated XRP powered music marketplace, xSongs. Music NFT minting and trading will occur on federated side chains and plug into the XRP Ledger using hooks. Ripple’s NFT vision underlines the necessity of functional and integrated NFT viewing and custody. Artwork would be playable and viewable within wallets from

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XRP Expands Into $300 Billion Gaming Industry

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Private permissioned sidechains on the XRP Ledger are two months away. Federated sidechains are 6-9 months away. Gaming worlds may eventually plug into the XRP ecosystem using hooks and federated sidechains. Games are already implementing basic blockchain features into their digital worlds. Fully-fledged market economies are soon to follow. The Forte blockchain is a Ripple

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