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Buyer Beware: NFT Gaming Projects Flock to the XRPL

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VerseX is an XRPL-powered Metaverse shopping, social, and gaming platform. It features a virtual-reality mall and integrated play-to-earn activities. The platform has two main tokens. $XVR is the platform’s native currency and governance token. And $XMEN (which definitely won’t ruffle feathers at Marvel) is the platform’s early investor token. Despite my repeated insistence on Twitter,

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Minecraft Developers Boot NFT Projects, Including XRPL Powered ZerpCraft

ZerpCraft is an XRPL-powered gaming project and RippleX development grantee, which allows Minecraft server administrators the ability to mint property NFTs and monetize land in their game worlds.   “After the launch of XLS-20, the ZerpCraft plugin will be made open source allowing any Minecraft server administrator the ability to mint ZerpCraft NFTs and monetize their

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xSPECTAR Aims to Bring the Metaverse to the XRPL

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NFT projects have increasingly latched on to the nebulous concept of the metaverse to justify expansive token monetization efforts. But what exactly is the metaverse? Vice described it as a 3D model of the internet — a virtual reality powered digital world operating in parallel to the physical one. The Facebook metaverse project, Horizon Worlds,

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XRP Could Steal Music NFTs from Rival Blockchains

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NFTs present a viable alternative to the ill-fated XRP powered music marketplace, xSongs. Music NFT minting and trading will occur on federated side chains and plug into the XRP Ledger using hooks. Ripple’s NFT vision underlines the necessity of functional and integrated NFT viewing and custody. Artwork would be playable and viewable within wallets from

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Ripple’s Spearhead into the $54 Billion NFT Industry

Ripple recently announced XRP Ledger adoption by the Mintable NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace. Mintable is the NFT service that has attracted notable investors like Mark Cuban and hosts various NFT collectibles such as works of art, gifs, videos, and property deeds. According to Cointelegraph, an NFT representing a share of property in St. Louis auctioned

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The $3.5 Million Dollar Mirandus NFT

Tons of people on my Twitter feed have been mentioning Gala Games. Some have been running nodes, and others discussing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based property ownership in Gala’s upcoming MMO, Mirandus. I’m most interested in the latter because it’s something I’ve written about before. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fungible, essentially meaning one Bitcoin

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XRP and the Digital Cosmetics Marketplace

Six months ago, Brett Seyler published a three-part article series called Free-to-play Isn’t Free Enough (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Blockchain). I found his articles endlessly fascinating, and they sent me down the rabbit hole of possibilities for gaming and crypto. In his article, Seyler talks about the potential of the

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