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Ripple, Gaming, and the Creation of Digital Economies – An Analysis of Recent Forte Blockchain Revelations

Picture this: Sometime in the not too distant future, a game-developer releases the simulation of a digital world. It’s predicated on trustless, blockchain-inspired technology. The world has a set of rules, and they play out independently of any overseer interference. The world has a digital economy powered by blockchain technology and uses a native digital

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Valorant Review

The modern era is peculiar. Technology is overly complex, poorly constructed, and unreliable. Engineered obsolescence is built into the gadgets we buy, and consumers are cajoled into purchasing ever more expensive warranties for systems that are designed to fail. Video games are no different. Server architecture, reliability, and gameplay have been sliding ever downward as

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XRP and the Digital Cosmetics Marketplace, Part 2

Forte, the Ripple powered digital games marketplace, recently signed partnership agreements with five new gaming studios. Netmarble, Magmic, nWay, DECA, and HI-REZ studios will each integrate Forte’s platform into one of their games. Some of these partnerships are very promising; others are substanceless hype. The blockchain gaming space has been largely hype-driven, with several studios

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