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The $3.5 Million Dollar Mirandus NFT

Tons of people on my Twitter feed have been mentioning Gala Games. Some have been running nodes, and others discussing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based property ownership in Gala’s upcoming MMO, Mirandus. I’m most interested in the latter because it’s something I’ve written about before. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fungible, essentially meaning one Bitcoin

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Thoughts on the Flare Network’s Governance Model

Seated on a tenuous perch atop the Flare network’s governance process is the Flare Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for the development and improvement of the network. It is constrained by five guiding principles: 1. No voting 2. No collateral 3. No oracle participation 4. The right to dissolve 5. Reporting The

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A Dirge for Fallen Giants

From the very moment we started shunting information along copper wires, everything changed. Our ability to reach an audience absent storefronts and gatekeepers in the physical world was amplified, and it would transform a variety of industries in the following decades. The laggards, and those who lacked the vision and foresight to see the coming

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