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America’s Ageing Securities Laws Need to be Amended

If there’s one thing the SEC’s enforcement actions have made clear, it’s that no one seems to agree on how to handle American securities laws as they apply to cryptocurrencies like XRP. Credentialed legal scholars and prominent lawyers, some of whom formerly represented the SEC, vehemently disagree on how how to treat the much-maligned cryptocurrency.

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KYC Compliant Trading Using GlobaliD and the XRPL DEX

ripple etehereum and bitcoin and micro sdhc card

XRPL Labs, the developers of the popular Xumm wallet, announced integration with the digital ID system called GlobaliD.  GlobaliD is a digital identity provider that has already partnered with exchanges like Uphold and services like the National Student Clearinghouse. According to their website, the National Student Clearinghouse provides education verification and transcript ordering services.  They

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Sologenic recently released its DEX (decentralized exchange), which is a front end to the XRPL’s native DEX. Sologenic is affiliated with Coinfield, one of the few exchanges that allow Canadians to deposit and withdraw funds using Interac e-Transfers. Most Canadian banks will not allow customers to send money to exchanges using debit or credit cards.

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The $3.5 Million Dollar Mirandus NFT

Tons of people on my Twitter feed have been mentioning Gala Games. Some have been running nodes, and others discussing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based property ownership in Gala’s upcoming MMO, Mirandus. I’m most interested in the latter because it’s something I’ve written about before. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fungible, essentially meaning one Bitcoin

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Ripple Partner Forte Signs Legendary Sim Developer

Forte recently published a blog post detailing partnerships with four new developers: Gallium Studios, Penrose, Monster Ideas, and GC Turbo. For those who don’t remember, Forte is the blockchain developer that partnered with Ripple’s formerly named Xpring project to the tune of $100 Million to drive adoption of its blockchain-powered gaming marketplace. Since then, Forte

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Ripple, Gaming, and the Creation of Digital Economies – An Analysis of Recent Forte Blockchain Revelations

Picture this: Sometime in the not too distant future, a game-developer releases the simulation of a digital world. It’s predicated on trustless, blockchain-inspired technology. The world has a set of rules, and they play out independently of any overseer interference. The world has a digital economy powered by blockchain technology and uses a native digital

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