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XRP Ledger Smart Contract Network Enters Public Open Beta

Evernode is a layer-2 smart contract network proposed by Scott Chamberlain and Richard Holland. Chamberlain is an entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University College of Law (ANU), a recipient of a grant by Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative. Using the funding from Ripple, ANU launched courses exploring legal issues with the application of smart

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Popular XRP Wallet Set to Offer Integrated Fiat On and Off-ramps

XUMM seems set to launch integrated fiat on and off-ramps. XUMM is a non-custodial XRP wallet. It also features native access to tokens and web apps called xApps. The pro version has an optional KYC process native to the XUMM app. XUMM’s support documentation indicated that this KYC process was for a yet-to-be-implemented fiat on/off-ramp.

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A Practical Guide to Cryptocurrency Security

internet screen security protection

Cryptocurrency Security is a daunting topic for crypto holders, but it is an important facet of keeping funds safe from the nefarious characters who prowl cryptocurrency communities. This post is a general guide on cryptocurrency safety for both users of custodial exchanges and non-custodial crypto wallets. General Account Security Be paranoid, particularly with your primary

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Ripple and the Benevolent Machine Dictatorship

Several months ago, Ripple posted an interview with Scott Chamberlain, an entrepreneurial fellow at the Australian National University College of Law. With funding through Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), ANU launched two new courses exploring legal issues with the application of blockchain technology like smart contracts and the integration of artificial intelligence into a

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A Dirge for Fallen Giants

From the very moment we started shunting information along copper wires, everything changed. Our ability to reach an audience absent storefronts and gatekeepers in the physical world was amplified, and it would transform a variety of industries in the following decades. The laggards, and those who lacked the vision and foresight to see the coming

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