Popular XRP Wallet Set to Offer Integrated Fiat On and Off-ramps

XUMM seems set to launch integrated fiat on and off-ramps. XUMM is a non-custodial XRP wallet. It also features native access to tokens and web apps called xApps. The pro version has an optional KYC process native to the XUMM app. XUMM’s support documentation indicated that this KYC process was for a yet-to-be-implemented fiat on/off-ramp.

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Buyer Beware: NFT Gaming Projects Flock to the XRPL

woman using virtual reality goggles

VerseX is an XRPL-powered Metaverse shopping, social, and gaming platform. It features a virtual-reality mall and integrated play-to-earn activities. The platform has two main tokens. $XVR is the platform’s native currency and governance token. And $XMEN (which definitely won’t ruffle feathers at Marvel) is the platform’s early investor token. Despite my repeated insistence on Twitter,

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xSPECTAR Aims to Bring the Metaverse to the XRPL

black car steering wheel and interior during night time

NFT projects have increasingly latched on to the nebulous concept of the metaverse to justify expansive token monetization efforts. But what exactly is the metaverse? Vice described it as a 3D model of the internet — a virtual reality powered digital world operating in parallel to the physical one. The Facebook metaverse project, Horizon Worlds,

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